STAY COMPETITIVE BY KNOWING YOUR FIGURE   We believe the value of an accountant is not only his/her bookkeeping works but the important financial analysis for both operational and strategic decision making.

HOW WE CAN ASSIST YOU   We wish to share our experience, expertise and provide our tools to assist you to generate appropriate financial information for your day-to-day business decision. As of you know, getting appropriate financial information is always a crucial part for creating a viable business, and it is a challenging task even in today information technology era.  We believe we have the solution for you and our approach is simple but efficient and effective.  We help you to simplify your tasks, provide you with the efficient approach and given you cost effective solution. Our mission is to assist you to gather the financial data and analyse it with our financial analysis tools and analytical frameworks together with our financial experts in the related field.

Free yourself by spending less time on getting the needed financial information and allocate more time on more value-added analysis in making quality business decision.


We are group of individual professional accountants with expertise in various industries, computer programmers, associate management firms and education centers who are committed to serve. Our mission is to build a platform and provide financial analysis tools where people can contribute to or seek assistance in getting financial information for business decision.  We wish to see everyone can tell the stories from the figures.

Customer satisfaction is always our main driver of growth and continual innovation in all aspect is our main engine to sustain customer satisfaction. Our goal is to be the global world-class cost-effective business financial analysis solution provider, with the passion to deliver first class solutions to customer total satisfaction. We look forward to sharing our goal and growth with you.


[DATA] GATHER FINANCIAL DATA   Gathering financial data is never an easy task, getting the right financial data is even tougher to do. Therefore, we have simplified the task for you, where if you have an ERP system, we will build the interface for you so that you can instantly extract the needed financial data by just upload it into MyBIS Financial Analyzer. If your organization does not have any computerized system to capture your business financial transactions, then we recommend you use either MyBIS CRM, MyBIS POS, MyBIS Accounting or MyBIS Resource Management which is fully integrated with MyBIS Financial Analyzer
[TOOLS] ANALYZE FINANCIAL DATA   With MyBIS Financial Analyzer, you can fully make use of your financial data where you can easily multiply your master structure with different type of layering, grouping, mapping, and tagging that meet your business requirement. MyBIS Financial Analyzer also provides multi analytical tools like matrix, cube, chart and so on to generate the financial information you need.
[METHOD] METHODOLOGIES   You can always referred to MyBIS financial analytical framework library or seek our financial expert’s assistance to setup the most suitable framework for you. Our financial expert teams are always committed to assist you in building a better and more informative financial reporting.